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Packing cubes for an organized suitcase

Travel Accessory

How packing cubes help organize a suitcase

Everyone has their own style of travel packing. Whether you are someone who likes to pack days before or just toss everything into a suitcase right before heading to the airport (or fall somewhere in between!), one thing everyone can utilize are packing cubes. Packing cubes are lightweight (sometimes with mesh) containers with zippers. They come in a variety of sizes and help organize a suitcase. So how can packing cubes help organize a suitcase? Consider how we use them. A smaller cube holds toiletry type items. A medium one has socks and undergarments. Larger ones have pants and shirts. Once you come up with your method, it makes packing quicker as you know what type of items typically go in which cube. When arriving in a destination, packing cubes help you not have to unpack a suitcase looking for one item. Simply grab the appropriate packing cube. Voila! Within the packing cube, Bubbly Tourist likes to roll our items which makes for easy viewing and less wrinkles. Packing cubes for an organized suitcase and easier access- yes please! Interesting in trying them out? You can find packing cubes easily on Amazon.

Packing cubes
Utilizing packing cubes for a trip


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