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Munich, Germany; Home of Oktoberfest; Mystery Solved; Bubbly Tourist

Munich, Germany

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is the capital of Bavaria.  Bavaria is known for its pristine countryside, clean air, wealth of culture, medieval castles, small towns, magnificent palaces, Baroque churches and Bavaria's urban hubs provide the backdrop for traditional events.

Perhaps Bavaria's most famous traditional annual event is Oktoberfest that is celebrated in late September in Munich.  And it certainly makes sense to celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany's beer capital.  After all, it's home to Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Lowenbrau, Paulaner Hofbrau and Spaten.  And celebrate Munich does by consuming 7 million liters of beer each year.

Although Munich has much more to offer than just Oktoberfest, we focus our attention on this annual event to help solve the mysteries that seem to surround it.  Never fear, Bubbly Tourist has your answers!  Read below for more.

Bubbly Bon Voyage!

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