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A luxury eye mask essential for long flights

Travel Accessory

Why is a luxury eye mask essential for long flights?

Bubbly Tourist is obsessed with trying anything that can help us get more sleep on a flight! One of our favorites has been a luxury eye mask. This is a catch all as there are a lot of different eye masks on the market and the key is finding one that works for you.

Quick hit: Why is a luxury eye mask essential for a long flight?

  1. It provides significant blocking of light

  2. Is comfortable and adjustable

  3. Allows you to move around without dislodging the mask

  4. Helps you imagine that you are not actually on a plane sitting with loads of other passengers but in your own bedroom at home

Recommendations & Where to find?

Amazon has lots of options. Bubbly Tourist is especially enamored with MZOO Sleep Eye Mask which has great features such as memory foam around the eyes for a zero eye pressure 3D fit, adjustability and a travel case.

Woman wearing an eye mask on a plane
Sleeping on a plane with an eye mask


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