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eSIM for Wireless Service Abroad


Why use an eSIM for wireless service?

Do you love traveling and also want to have reliable, reasonably priced wireless service? Well, gone are the days where a physical chip needs to be inserted into your phone. An eSIM can be purchased online and simply downloaded directly to your phone. After reviewing this eSIM article in the NY Times, Bubbly Tourist decided to try Holafly on a trip to Barcelona which worked perfectly providing 4G and 5G wireless service wherever we went including a few days in France. It worked so well, we again purchased it for a trip to the UK and were equally as pleased. What ultimately sold Holafly to us was that it offers varying lengths of days from which we could choose. There are other service providers out there so be sure to research. Using an eSIM for wireless service when traveling abroad is a must-have for Bubbly Tourist!

girl checking phone with eSIM
girl checking a phone


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