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The Best Scotland Itinerary and Map with Must See Places and Things to Do

Bubbly Tourist created this itinerary for a recent road trip in Scotland. Whether you have 4, 7 or 14 days you can use this itinerary to explore the best places to visit and things to do within Scotland. We have identified the must-see locations below that will dictate your minimum length of stay. Also within this post is a map of Scotland including these key locations and total miles with drive time.

A traditional speyside whisky distillery: Strathisla
Strathisla: A traditional Speyside whisky distillery

Click on each location (it will expand for you) to find specific places to visit, things to do, and driving details for that location.

Stirling Castle (1 hour from Edinburgh) - "He who holds Stirling holds Scotland"

Oban (one day) - The seafood capital of Scotland!

Eilean Donan Castle (between Oban and Isle of Skye) - Picture perfect postcard

Isle of Skye (one to two days) - spectacular desolate scenery. A must-see.

Applecross Pass (between Isle of Skye and Northwest Highlands)

Northwest Highlands (one to two days) - amazing lochs and beaches. A must-see.

Speyside Whisky Country (one to two days) - "Today's rain is tomorrow's Whisky"

Balmoral Castle (between Whisky and St. Andrews) - where the Royals vacation

The Old Course, St. Andrews (1.5 hours drive from Edinburgh) - the birthplace of golf

Edinburgh (two to three days) - beautiful old city with a rich history. A must-see.

Itinerary Map of the Best Places to Visit in One Week (or two) in Scotland


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