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French mustard, yes please!

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Why add a French mustard to your pantry?

Bubbly Tourist is totally obsessed with French mustard! Why French mustard you may ask? Fair question. There are a lot of mustards in the world so why should you add a good French mustard to your pantry? The answer lies in it's complex flavor, versatility of usage and the delicate "burn" that your nose gets which is reminiscent to eating something with fresh horseradish. Next time you need mustard, go beyond the typical yellow mustard and into the fun and delicious world of French mustard!

Quick hit: Top reasons why you should add a French mustard to your pantry

  1. To elevate a sandwich from good to great

  2. Add to a charcuterie board with salami

  3. Recreate that time in France when you ate steak frites at a bistro and dipped the fries in mustard

  4. Enhance any recipe calling for mustard: such as potato salad, pork with mustard sauce, baked ham, pigs in a blanket and so on!!

Recommendations and Where to find:

  1. Edmond Fallot - A recent discovery by Bubbly Tourist, it is independent and family owned since 1840 with a factory in Beaune France. They make a lot of different mustards. Our top 3 favorite flavors are Moutard de Bourgogne, Moutarde au Miel et au Vinaigre Balsamique (honey and balsamic vinegar) and Moutard au Cassis de Dijon. You can purchase in Beaune at their factory store or in the Paris airport Duty-free. Their website lists where to purchase around the world and we have also found them on Amazon.

  2. Maille Dijon Original - available at most local grocery stores

  3. Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard - available at most local grocery stores

Edmond Fallot mustard at a picnic
One of Bubbly Tourist's favorite French mustards


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