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How does Bubbly Tourist choose a hotel?

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How does Bubbly Tourist choose a hotel?

Bubbly Tourist gets a lot of questions around what our process is for choosing hotels. As you can imagine, a LOT of planning goes into our trips which to us is half the fun! So, how does Bubbly Tourist choose a hotel? Once we know dates and the city we are travelling to, the next step is to research what the best location is within the city that allows us to see and do all the things we want to. Generally speaking, this is in the old town close to the historic parts. Add in budget and then we are ready to choose a hotel.

Quick Hit: How does Bubbly Tourist choose hotels?

  1. Head to Trip Advisor which is a website and app that collects actual reviews from users about the places they have stayed.

  2. Use filters to put in location, travel dates, number of guests/rooms

  3. Update the sort filter from "best value" (default mode) to "traveler ranked/ranking"

  4. Choose your hotel based on location, price, amenities, reviews and availability

  5. When the results pop up, Bubbly Tourist starts by focusing on the top 15% of the hotels by ranking. For example: if there are 100 hotels in your search, begin with the first 15 on the list.

Recommendations and Where to find: is one of many travel websites with user reviews and recommendations. For Bubbly Tourist this is a great starting point to narrowing down a hotel. Once we have our hotel selected, then it is on to booking. There's a science to that too so we will save how we do that for another post!

Choosing a hotel
Finding the right hotel is worth the research time!


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