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Seek out a Rooftop bar on your next trip

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Why you should seek out a rooftop bar on your next trip

There is always a lot to do on vacation and Bubbly Tourist would like to suggest adding 1 small but fun activity- a rooftop bar. So, why should you seek out a rooftop bar on your next trip? Even if you are not interested in imbibing, rooftop bars provide amazing views and a quiet respite from all the sightseeing. Often you will find hotels having rooftop restaurants open for lunch, happy hour or dinner. Some simply have a pool with lounge chairs. But the views you get provide a completely different perspective of the city. When travelling, Bubbly tourist will go on the internet to find rooftop options and is often surprised by how many there are. Even in historic parts of town, we have found very cool rooftops to check out. Sometimes, Bubbly Tourist will simply move from one fun rooftop to another with each providing a new and different perspective. Even if you are traveling with a tight timeline, add in a quick search for a rooftop. Want a perfect way to wrap up a day? Watch the sky change colors after sunset on a rooftop bar with a glass of perfection!

Rooftop bar with pool in Barcelona
A rooftop bar in Barcelona


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