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Walker's Shortbread cookies

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Why Walkers Shortbread cookies should be in your pantry

Light, buttery, delicate and delicious. Bubbly Tourist cannot get enough of these tasty cookies. Check the cookie aisle in your local grocery store and you will likely find a small package of these. But did you know the story behind them? Walker's Shortbread Ltd. was founded in 1898 in Aberlour, Scotland by Joseph Walker who aspired to bake "the world's finest shortbread" and we think he has done it. Four simple ingredients go into this tasty treat- flour, butter, sugar and salt. If you need a pick me up or a nibble with tea and you have Walker's shortbread cookies in your pantry, then you are all set! If visiting Scotland, the factory in Abelour still makes the shortbreads and has a small store selling seconds. Fun side note: Aberlour, in Moray Scotland, is in the heart of Scottish Whisky country with the largest concentration of Whisky distilleries in the world. Hmmm... whisky and shortbread cookies, yes please!

Walker's Shortbread Piper and Highland Dancer Icon Tin
Walker's Shortbread Piper and Highland Dancer Icon Tin


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