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A favorite drink: Peppermint Tea

Food & Drink

Why Peppermint Tea is a favorite drink

There is something about December that brings out Bubbly Tourist's love of all things peppermint such as peppermint tea, peppermint mocha coffee, peppermint candles and peppermint cookies (to name a few!). But peppermint tea is a perennial favorite drink and stands out with its clean delicious flavor and simple accessability both at home and when travelling. At home, you can pick mint from the garden and steep it as well as buying some from the local store. When travelling, you can order it from a restaurant and most hotel rooms will have a bag of peppermint tea in the room. Two of our favorite peppermint tea travel memories are of freshly picked peppermint tea and scones in a English countryside garden and of sipping it in a trendy CBD restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. So simple and yet oh so delicious! As a bonus, along with being a refreshing drink, peppermint tea can also be very soothing for a travel tummy. Enjoy!

Soothing peppermint tea
Freshly made peppermint tea


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