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Why Add a WineSkin bag to your luggage?

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Why should you add a WineSkin bag to your luggage?

Since Bubbly Tourist loves its bubbly so much it should not be a surprise that we also like bringing it and other wines from vacations. So why add a WineSkin bag to your luggage? Quite simply, it is one of the easiest and safest ways, we have found, to transport home wine or other liquid based souvenirs (such as olive oil or vinegar etc). When traveling, we don't always know IF we are going to bring home wine and thus the beauty of the wine skin bag. It is flat and takes up relatively little space so if you use it great, but if you don't, no worries. But if you need it, wow is it essential! On a recent trip home from France we packaged a few bottles in WineSkins. At home we opened our luggage and found that 1 bottle had shattered but the WineSkin had completely contained every bit of the wine. Not a drop got on any other items in the luggage. Very sad to lose the bottle but impressed that nothing else was lost! If you are bringing home wine internationally always know how much you are allowed to transport home as there are strict limits that vary by country. Happy travels and enjoy opening that special bottle and the memories of where you bought it!

WineSkin bags for wine transportation


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