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Bring probiotics on your next trip

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Why bring probiotics on your trip?

Good gut health is important and even more so when travelling. With different sleep schedules, time zones, water, new foods and spices etc., it is very easy for our tummies to get irritated and off their cycle. This is where a probiotic is helpful. Even if you don't take them at home, we recommend that you bring probiotics on your trips.

Quick hit: So why is Bubbly Tourist recommending that you bring probiotics on your trips?

  1. Great for keeping your gut health in good shape by balancing your digestive system

  2. Can help prevent & treat diarrhea

  3. Helpful to keep things moving (if you know what we mean) :)

  4. If you end up needing any type of antibiotic, probiotics are a key component to keeping things balanced for women

  5. May help boost immune systems

Recommendations and Where to find:

Look for accredited probiotics and it is important to review the dose, how they need to be stored, strains of bacteria and the amount of bacteria per dose (CFU). A general rule of thumb is to pick a product with more than 1 billion CFU and contains Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium Bacillus or Saccharomyces boulardii (all heavily researches probiotics). You will also want one that doesn't need to be refrigerated. Most grocery stores and pharmacies will have multiple options!

Probiotic pills spelling out probiotics
Bring probiotics on your next trip


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