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How to get more airline miles by shopping


How e-Shopping can provide more airline miles

Bubbly Tourist is all about traveling smart and using airline award miles for trips. Depending on the airline, booking (and taking) a flight along with using a co-branded credit card are great ways to build miles. But did you know that some airlines also give you more airline miles (1-15 miles per $ spent ) by using their e-shopping portal? Thats right. Just shop normally and get additional miles. So how can eshopping provide airline miles? Say you had a AA frequent flyer number and wanted to earn more American Airlines miles. Log into AA and search for AAdvantage eShopping and sign up using your AA frequent flyer number. Once signed up, you will be directed to the AAdvantage e-Shopping portal to see all the stores that participate. Just choose the store you need to shop at and the site will provide a link. Follow the link to the store's website and once you place an order with the store, the airline will give you extra miles. Easy- peasy! Bubbly Tip: the points vary daily by store, so be sure to "heart" stores that you frequently use as the store will keep you posted on updated miles per $. Here is an example of how this can provide extra miles. We used the portal last year to get about $100 in clothes at Lululemon and at the time the AAdvantage shopping portal was advertising 12X the $ spend. So our $100 got me an additional 1200 AA points. Not too shabby! Along with traditional stores, you can find travel companies that participate (such as Viator, various hotels & third party booking sites). Not everything has to be shipped. In my Lululemon example, I simply picked up the order at a local store. Happy shopping!

Shopping through airline eShopping portal
Airline eShopping portals are an easy way to get more miles


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