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Your own Beautiful Orchid Garden at Home

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Grow & re-bloom orchids at home and maybe one day you'll have the same beauty that reminds you of past Orchid garden visits

Recently Bubbly Tourist had the luck of re-blooming an orchid at home. For those avid orchid growers out there, this may not seem impressive, but we can say it took time and research to accomplish this feat. But, at the end of the day it is not that difficult. Our home orchid sparked a memory of a recent visit to Singapore at the National Orchid Garden within the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The gardens were founded in their current location in 1859 and are lush and beautiful, sprawling across many hectares. What we loved about this excursion was how relaxing and enjoyable it was to stroll through and see all the plants in their glory. It was well worth the couple of hours we spent and exposed us to a different part of the city. For those who are seeking UNESCO Heritage sites, the Singapore Botanical Gardens is the first UNESCO Heritage site in Singapore and the first and only tropical botanical garden on the UNESCO Heritage list. Next time you have the opportunity while traveling, take a few hours to visit and unwind in a Botanical Garden. But until then, you have the beauty of your own home orchid garden.

Orchid in botanical garden
Stunning Orchid in Singapore's National Orchid Garden


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