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What is an eBike and why seek one out while on vacation?

Ah eBike! Bubbly Tourist can talk on and on about how awesome you are. eBike is short for electric bike and we think riding one is a very fun "game changer". So, why seek out an eBike while on vacation or for that matter, at home? Studies have shown that people with eBikes bike further and get more exercise simply because an eBike is easier to ride. There are many varieties of eBikes and we strictly subscribe to those that are pedal assisted (which means the rider must pedal in order to leverage electric assistance. i.e. the bike cannot just go on its own. If riding on a flat path, bikers can turn off the pedal assist and it becomes just a regular bike. But if you are about to head up a hill, turn on the assist and the hill is easy-peasy. When traveling, keep an eye out for opportunities to ride one. Some locations where Bubbly Tourist has enjoyed an eBike: in Sonoma traveling 30+ miles weaving through the vineyards, in Lisbon on a sightseeing tour through the windy streets and hills of the Old Quarter, and in Maine ebiking through Acadia National Park. So...

An e-bike in Amsterdam
An ebike in Amsterdam


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