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Expedited Security & Entry Travel Programs


Why expedited security and entry travel programs such as TSA Precheck, Global Entry and Clear are beneficial

Bubbly Tourist recently forgot to renew their TSA Precheck/Global Entry and was reminded of just how painful it is to get through airport security without this perk! Not familiar with TSA Precheck, Global Entry and Clear? These expedited security & entry travel programs help facilitate travel through the airport by providing access to shorter security lines or to immigration entry kiosks depending on which travel perk(s) you sign up for. Enrollment can take time, the sharing of biometrics (such as fingerprints) and a fee to sign up. At a minimum, TSA precheck is a travel perk well worth the money for domestic travel. Bubbly Tourist, enrolled in all 3 travel programs, has appreciated the shorter security lines (and not having to take off shoes!) and most recently avoiding a very long immigration line coming into the US from overseas. If you travel frequently, Global Entry and Clear are additional programs you may find worthwhile. Global Entry is basially TSA precheck for international travel back into the US. And Clear is a separate security line, available at some airports, that expedites you into Security within the US. Details for all these programs can be easily found on the web. As well, be sure to check your credit card perks as many offer reimbursement for enrollment in programs. Here's to happy (and expedited!) travels!

Expedited travel and entry programs
Travel perks such as TSA Precheck, Global Entry and Clear can make for smoother travelling


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