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Should you invest in a travel backpack?

Travel Accessory

Why a travel backpack is worth the investment

Not long ago, Bubbly Tourist used to travel with 2 items. A carry-on sized suitcase (always!) and a large purse or under the seat sized suitcase. Then Bubbly Tourist discovered the Tumi Montana backpack and has never looked back! So why invest in a travel backpack? Travel backpacks are typically lightweight, constructed with a sleeve on the back so it can be secured to the handles of a carry-on bag and has TONS of pockets. For example, the Tumi Montana contains multiple inner pockets (great for passports and money), a padded sleeve for a tablet, inner sleeves (perfect for sunglass or chargers), outer pockets (perfect for easy to grab items like ear buds, glasses, gum, etc.) and two side pockets, one of which we use regularly for our mobile phone. For Bubbly Tourist a travel backpack is worth the investment as everything is securely zipped yet easily accessed whether you are sitting in the airport, on a plane or in line to have your passport checked.

Tumi Montana backpack
Some of the many pockets of a Tumi Montana travel backpack


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