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Sleep well on vacation with Background Sounds


How Background Sounds can help you sleep well while traveling

We have all been there. A long day of travel and then you check into a hotel only to discover your room has a noisy A/C unit or the hotel is located over a late night club or perhaps there is car traffic with lots of horn blowing easily heard through your window. So then, how to get some rest? Enter background sounds which is a simple setting that can be enabled on an Apple iphone. But first, what are background sounds and how can they help you sleep on vacation? Backgound sounds are a auditory "blanket" that helps drown out irregular noises, providing a more serene environment conducive to relaxaton and sleep. Whether it is the hum of traffic, chatter in a bustling city or unfamiliar sounds in a hotel, backgroud noises can offer a sense of familiarity and tranquility, aiding in a more restul sleep experience. Enabling background sounds is easy. If you have an Apple iphone, search for it under general/settings/accessibility/audio visual. There you will find a variety of background sounds such as ocean, rain and balance noise. Test a few out to find the one that works for you and at the volume you like. Bubbly Tourist is partial to ocean as it makes every location feel beachside. Yes please!

background sounds
Background sounds


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