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Why bring a reusable water bottle on trips?

Travel Accessory

Why a reusable water bottle is a must for any trip!

It has only been recently that Bubble Tourist has added a reusable water bottle into their carry on luggage. It is now a must-have accessory for trips! So why is a reusable water bottle a must for any trip? It is convenient, easy to carry, safe, healthy, earth friendly and cost efficient. Just think about how nice it is to have the ability to refill a container at any point instead of having to purchase a bottle of water. Keep in mind, depending on your location, it may also be better to stick with bottled water if it is not advisable to drink the local water. Do make sure to do your research ahead of time! Not sure what type of reusable bottle to buy? Check out this article -> NY Times Wirecutter The 8 Best Water Bottles. Once you start traveling with your bottle, you will notice lots of ways to stay hydrated. In many airports there are filtered water filling stations along the concourses. Often hotels have them as well. On a recent trip to Phoenix, the hotel had a still and sparkling water refill station located on each floor. Now that is handy!

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NY Times 8 Best Water Bottles


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